December 21, 2006

And it snowed!

I will never forget the day I saw snow for the first time in my life – 7th December, 2006. Well, I am talking about real snow falling from the sky and not the ice in the refrigerator. I stay in India, but have not been fortunate enough to visit Shimla or other hill stations where it snows. I always used to wonder how it would feel to see snow everywhere. I always yearned to see snow. Well, God granted my wish and I landed in the US.

I came to the US before the winter season. The trees decided to change their dress in October. I saw the beautiful autumn colors of the leaves. The trees were dressed in breath-taking hues of yellow, orange, red, and maroon. It is a sight that will always stay in my heart. Later on, the trees decided to shed their leaves. Everyday, the ground was covered with more leaves. It was a bit sad to see the bare, naked trees. But then, they have a charm of their own.

The temperature started dropping day by day. Often, it went below 0 degrees. We covered ourselves from head to toe when we went out. The cold air coming out of the mouth, gave the feeling of smoking, without the cigarettesJ. With each passing day, I hoped to see snow. Once, snow was predicted and it did snow, except that it was so windy that I hardly saw any real snow. I think I wanted to see snow falling peacefully on the earth below.

I woke up on a beautiful morning, and I knew something was different the minute I woke up. I opened the curtains, and there it was, falling in front of my eyes. It was like beautiful, cotton-like flakes tumbling straight from the sky. It covered the cars, the grass, our windows, and everything else that fell in its path. I was mesmerized by its beauty. Though I know all the science behind snowfalls, I felt as if it was cotton candy falling out while the fairies were eating it. I called my husband and we both watched it. I went out and spread my hands to catch some snow. It felt funny when it fell on my hands and melted.

I watched it till it promised to come back to bring another smile on my face.