June 11, 2008

U, Me, aur Hum

(This post was meant to be posted some 3 months back. However, I never got the time to post it untill today.)

Ajay Devgan had left no stone unturned in promoting his directorial debut. After seeing the trailers, numerous ads such as Alpenlibe promoting the movie, we decided to give it a shot. However, the trailers were not the only motivation to catch the film. Both I and P are huge fans of Kajol and we wanted to see the movie for the sole reason that Kajol was starring in it. We had wasted our money on Fanaa two years back, but we still marched into the theatres with the hopes of catching a good flick. I have tremendous confidence in Ajay after seeing most of his movies. He’s a systematic and great actor. I was excited to see his directorial talent.

U, Me, aur Hum runs in flashback. Ajay Devgan narrates his love story, taking place on a cruise to a stranger. He tells her how he meets the love of his life, tries to win her love, their life together, and problems they encounter in their marriage. His wife suffers from Alzheimer’s and Ajay has used very touché scenes to depict the troubles he faces because of her inability to remember anything. He leaves her at the care facility and finds it difficult to cope with a life without her. His friends encourage him to bring her back and he does exactly that. The climax is quite good.

In times of difficulties it’s so easy to leave your loved one and move on with your life. But real love lies in sticking together through thick and thin. That’s what U, Me, aur Hum is all about. Kajol and Ajay are great actors and it was a treat to see them together on screen.

  • Excessive screening of consumption of alcohol. There are three doctors in a group of 6, yet all three men have been shown clinging to bottles throughout the film. If they show doctors consuming alcohol so casually, it makes a very bad impression on the common man.
  • Not so great songs: I didn’t like any of the songs. Most of the time, I could not make out the words, and whatever words I could make out, didn’t make any sense. The lyrics are good, but I felt that they have created songs just for the sake of creating them. They seem meaningless. I mean what does “Bareli jaise sajna” mean? Maybe I heard it wrong. But that’s what P heard too:). I hope Ajay improves on this part the next time he directs a movie.

Over in all, a great performance by Ajay and Kajol. Ajay’s directorial venture is a good, decent movie. U, Me, aur Hum leaves a good message about love and companionship. It reminded us of the Hollywood flicks “The notebook” and “50 first dates”.