October 11, 2011

While you were sleeping…

(I like to write blog post titles which sync with movie names. I am writing this post to describe my kid’s mischief when we were taking a nap. This is an attempt to write a blog post through her perspective. The title also happens to be a favorite movie starring Sandra Bullock.)
Dear Readers,
My parents are still a bit angry over the stunt I pulled this Sunday afternoon while they were sleeping. But give me a chance to explain.
Now, don’t blame my parents for falling asleep without putting me to sleep. After all, they tried their best to put me to sleep for over 45 minutes. However, I now have very strong opinions about when I should sleep. And 3pm was not suitable enough. Mom and Dad dozed off in two separate rooms, each assuming that I was peacefully napping with the other.
What they did not know was that I got my little hands on a small jar of Vaseline. I am a very keen observer. I have seen how Mom opens the jar, dips her finger in the jar, and applies it over my lips when they get too dry. However, I thought my whole body was a bit dry and thought it would be good to apply Vaseline all over it. So, off go all my clothes. I dipped my finger in the jar and started meticulously applying Vaseline all over my body.
Imagine dad’s surprise when he woke up and saw me without any clothes, covered entirely in Vaseline. I was determined to finish the entire jar when he yanked me from the floor and carried me unceremoniously to the bathroom. All the while, he kept muttering to himself. Thankfully, Mom was still sleeping. Splash, splash a hot bath. Dad used a lot of soap in a vain attempt to get the Vaseline off me. Dad was giving me a piece of his mind all through my bath. Mom woke up because of the commotion. Now, dad really can’t shout at me. After all, I am daddy’s girl. He tries to look serious and raise his voice. But I am really not too scared of him. Mom is an entirely different story. One look at me was all she needed to know what had happened. She started the big fundewala lecture, rolling eyes, all the works. I thought it best to look scared and then quickly dozed off to put an end to her shouting.
Why you may ask did I pull this stunt? Now, I have tried to teach my parents N number of lessons, so that they would keep everything in its right place, far away from my reach. Alas, my parents just don’t get it. Once, mom woke up to a good smell. But there was too much of it. When she turned her head, she saw a cloud of white powder. I was splashing it over myself and over the bed sheets. Well, I got a bit carried away. But why couldn’t she keep it off my reach? Then there was that other time when they forgot to keep the iron on the top shelf. Mom was having her bath and I thought I would iron my clothes. So I plugged in the iron. I did get a bit scared when it turned hot. Imagine my mom’s horror when she came out and discovered that the iron was plugged in and I was sitting right next to it. Do I even need to tell you how she shouted at dad who had forgotten to keep the iron?
Anyway, I really hope that my parents keep all things at a safe place. And I also hope that once in a while they forget, and I get to play with them:)


Deeps said...

Swaps, this is like a whole different side of you ! I have always known you to be masti khor and timepass during college days, but you have become hilarious girl ! You have the power to make people laugh and that is something really awesome and great to have !!!

Add to that the creativity - writing from a blog from Sayali's perspective, wow ! You should should should definitely publish, I am sure readers would love your books !!!

Deeps said...

I am also thinking poor Prasad !!! :) I can totally relate to the Daddy's girl thing, after all main bhi waise hi thi, and knowing you am sure so were you Dad shaam ko office se aake thake haare milte hain; neither he would have the energy or motivation to scold you nor would the baby want to be away. Mom sabse zyaada mehnat karti hain but Mom ke saath poore din rehke I think she knows kya karegi zyaada se zyaada daantegi, agle din automatically line pe aa jaayegi !!! :)

Of course growing up years mein mujhe bahut padi hai Dad se, bahut strict the boss !! But its still that way isnt it? :)

RTOAC said...

If there was a super-like, I would rate it thus! Thanks to Deepa for sharing it on FB, so would I! The joys of parenthood!