August 23, 2007

Chak de India rocks!

Yes, it sure rocks! We were fortunate to be present in India when it was released. It was one of those rarest days in our 3 weeks vacation when we were sitting at home idle. After getting up late and getting fresh even later, hubby asked me if I wanted to catch the first day, first show of the movie. I pounced upon him saying that it's impossible to get tickets for the first day so late. This was based on my experience of seeing long queues on Monday for a forth-coming release. Little did I know that things had changed greatly. I had the phone number of a nearby theatre conveniently stored in my mobile. One call to them confirmed hubby's forecast that tickets would be available.

To be on the safe side, we reached a good one hour before time and easily got tickets. I was amazed to see people buying tickets till the last minute. Doesn't anyone watch movies in theatres these days or were tickets available in the afternoon time? There were other bekaar people like us who had either bunked college or who were jobless. We were excited to see a Hindi movie in a theatre after complete one year. We proudly stood and sang Jan Gana Mana as it held a special meaning being away from our country so long.

The movie started with Shahrukh's troubled flash back. The movie was running smooth for 10 minutes when all of sudden all the characters became upside down and the language turned South-Indian. The audience thought this was part of the movie and waited patiently for things to become normal. When after 5 mins the characters still had their feet in air, the audience started shouting:)). I guess this is one of the drawbacks of watching first shows. Things were restored in 10 mins.

I loved the movie for a number of reasons. Firstly, Shahrukh has done a different and serious role, in contrast to his romantic overdoses. There isn't an ounce of over acting from him. You really feel bad when he's blamed for something he has not done. He appears calm and matured. I loved the way he handled all the ego clashes.

All 16 players are superb. The director has not wasted time on focusing on each one of them. Each player is unique and special; the ever angry and powerful Balbeer, boyish Komal, non-English speaking Sui Mui, cool headed Vidya, determined Priti, to the trouble maker Bindiya. Out of all, I liked the roles of Priti, Bindiya, and Balbeer. The movie runs in a smooth flow and for once my logical head was satisfied. I couldn't decide which scene I liked most, whether it was the danga fasad in McDonald's, the outcome of the men's vs. women's match, or the exciting final. Chak de is sprinkled with cool one-liners and some good jokes. I think there are only two songs and they are inspiring. The final match will make you nervous and pray for the hockey team. It's exhilarating and fast. Don't rush out after the end as the last scenes running adjacent to the names are fun to watch.

The movie questions the sport committee about why women's hockey is not taken as seriously as it should be. I am sure the movie will bring some positive changes for the Indian hockey team.

This was one movie that your whole family can enjoy. It's a movie in which you can't sit still. You will get involved in it, either by cheering, shouting, clapping, or whistling. For all those who still haven't got the chance to see Chak de, don't miss it!!!