April 10, 2012

A girlfriends weekend getaway

We hatched the plan over a long phone call. The need to meet was insatiable. After all, we hadn’t met in a good seven years. I took over the challenge of finding a good resort. Luckily, one met my expectations the very next day. A deluge of emails later, we finalized the dates. It was decided. The three of us based in three different US states planned to meet from 30th March to 1st April.
It was ironic that the three of us hadn’t met in India. We were good friends since Engineering college. We had hopes, dreams, and ambitions just like any teenager. After we graduated in 2002 with a teary farewell, we had vowed to keep in touch. Little did we know that time, career, marriage, and other commitments wouldn’t let us meet for so long. We did not attend each other’s weddings. Of the three of us, only Deepa saw to it that she kept in touch with a lot of college buddies. I had met her in September 2010 when she had come down to India for a short vacation. But I hadn’t met Meeta after 2005.
Anyway, fast forward to ten years after graduation. We were so excited about our forthcoming trip that we announced it to anyone who cared to listen. We jinxed it big time. A week before the trip, Deepa suddenly got very ill. Luckily, she recovered two days later. Then it was my turn to fall sick. I had fever, cold, throat infection – the works. By the third day of my sickness, I seriously doubted if I would have any energy to haul myself to Virginia – yes, that’s where we had decided to meet. As fate would have it, my husband fell ill the same day that I recovered. I was still hovering between my decision about making the trip, when my husband, the good soul that he is, sternly told me to go ahead with the trip. Meanwhile, Deepa had already started her adventurous journey. I bet she’s going to blog about it.
During my flight to Virginia, I had a lot of questions on my mind. How would it be to meet after so long? Would the three of us connect or would there be awkwardness between us? I had a pretty uneventful journey. As I waited outside Roanoke airport for my two girlfriends, I couldn’t contain my excitement.
Then finally, I saw them. I was astonished to see Meeta. She looked like a model in her lovely dress, glares, and heels. Deepa seemed the same, chirpy self. We enjoyed a lovely lunch in an Indian restaurant and proceeded to our destination – The Inn at Riverbend.
                                                         (View from our room)
We reached there in less than two hours. As soon as we checked in, the owners, Jim and Janet, gave us a lovely tour of the resort. The view was breathtakingly beautiful with the river forging right in front of us. The mountains and the lush greenery added to its beauty. If you happen to be near Virginia and are looking out for a relaxed weekend with your spouse, this is the place to be.
The next two days went in a blur of non-stop chatting, watching some chick flicks, taking loads of pictures, pulling each other’s leg, and enjoying some good food. Seconds ticked to minutes and minutes to hours as we spoke, and spoke some more. The first evening we just took some lovely pictures outside the resort. The second day we half-visited a waterfall. We couldn’t go the whole way as my shoes hurt like crazy and the walk seemed never ending. But the highlight of the trip was the second evening. Meeta, at her usual filmy self had big plans. She donned an Indian salwar kameez and ran across the lush fields with her duppatta swaying behind her. She wanted to enact the scene from Mohabbatein. I and Deepa doubled over in laughter seeing her running across the grass. She looked so funny and cute at the same time.
We girls had definitely changed with a few extra pounds, some grey hairs, a slightly improved sense of dressing, and become a bit wiser. Still, we had the same core values that bonded us together in college. We missed the other friends from our group and recalled all the lovely times we had spent in college.
The three days with my girlfriends were mesmerizing. They got over too soon. In those three days, we momentarily forgot that we were students, wives, and mothers. We forgot our hectic schedules, our daily chores, our responsibilities. We were just three best friends, thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to reconnect after a long time.
The week following the trip was one of the most refreshing ones that I remember. I only wish that we get to meet at least once every year. If you are a wife, mother, career woman, student, think about taking a break with your girlfriends. It rejuvenates you like nothing else. Believe me; I still have a glow on my face!


Aruna Panangipally said...

Hey Swapna,

What a lovely post! Glad you had fun.

And you should write more often.

Deepa said...

Touches a cord deep within me. Was such an amazing weekend and am so glad you could detail out the experience. This one will always stay so close to my heart! Miss you guys already! I am so thankful that despite all the falling ills and adventures, we could finally meet.

Once every year is like making vows in college again :) I would be happy if we could meet once in three-four years! I know meeting up on an individual level will definitely happen more frequently but something like this - wow, loved it!

Priya Sharma said...
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Priya Sharma said...

Hi Swapna,

It's an amazing post. Just loved the way you've written about your re-union experience with friends. It stirred a lot of excitement in me. I hope I too manage to re-unite with my college buddies. Keep up the good work and thank you for being an inspiration (as always).

Btw, I just written a new post for my blog. Will publish it soon, so wait and watch.

Take care

Love, Priya

yamini said...

wow nice one........swaps, whenever you will be back to india, I am looking forward for the same kind of lovely weekend with you and Seema :) will be fun....what say !

Anonymous said...

it is a very interesting and informative article. I think I will add your site to my favorites.

Swapna said...

@Aruna: Thanks for the motivation. Yes, I will try harder to write more often.
@Deepa: Where there's a will, there's a way. We made this trip happen. Maybe we can make more of them happen:-)
@Pri: Thanks for the lovely words. I look forward to your blog post.
@Yami: Definitely. I too look forward to spending some quality time with you girls.
@Anon: Thanks for the kind words.

Meeta said...

Wow!..Bring back all my memories.
Captured so beautifully in your writing. Good work!

- Meeta

Bhagyashri said...

Great post Swaps! I can visualise the 3 of you having a good time :) I wish we (you, me & Shweths) get to do the same some time...

Swapna said...

@Meeta: I am already missing you.
@Bhagoos: I can't tell you how many times I have felt like packing my bag and catching a flight to your home. Don't be surprised if I land up unexpectedly like I did once:-)

Ameena said...

I would love to do something like this! So glad you had a chance to...

Happy Monday Swapna...hope the week is a good one for you!

Swapna said...

@Ameena: Give it a try. You will be amazed at the results.